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StateTrust Bank & Trust, Ltd.

StateTrust Bank & Trust, Ltd.  is a privately owned, internationally recognized and respected financial institution specializing in International Private Banking, Wealth Management, Trust and Fiduciary Services.

Provides personalized and customized banking services, with our time tested universal banking approach:

 Global Presence.

 Utmost Confidentiality, Privacy, and Integrity.

 Sophisticated global products and services.

 Client accounts designed to hold global instruments, in multiple currencies that are automatically marked-to-market, priced, converted and reported to client's choice of base currency.

 Multi-language environment for all banking transactions, reports, forms, confirmations, and literature.

 Personalized client services.

 State-of-the-art banking technology.

 Effective communications via Internet; excellence in the verbal and electronic execution.

Joe Turnes
Chairman & CEO
David Vurgait
Petal Somarsingh
Executive Manager
Mary Ann Tena
Client Services
Global Presence
International Private Banking
Multicurrency Portafolios
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