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StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. provides personalized International Private Banking services, as well as a wide array of  investment, savings, and credit products in multiple currencies.  WorldPass Money Markets
WorldPass FX Term Deposits
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StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. can help in the process of Estate Planning management for families around the world. We provide reliability and privacy in all of our solutions.

We have a select group of customers located throughout the world, who demand personalized service in their language of choice. We have banking officers in:

 America  Europe  Asia

Throughout our history, we have preserved a global private banking tradition, with the goal of ensuring a sensible, discreet, and conservative approach to the management of your family estate.

Electronic Banking    Multi-Currency Lending

Our Internet Banking Platform provides online access to your banking portfolio information. It also enables electronic payment services for credit cards, bills, insurance premiums, loans, fund transfers between accounts, international transfers, and foreign currency purchase/sale transactions.

 Internet Banking     Web Portfolio

Strategic use of credit is an important component in your overall Estate Management plan.  StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. provides a wide array of multi-currency credit products contributing to effective liability and cash flow control.

 Portfolio-backed lending
 Personal Multi-Currency loans

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